Welcome to MY DFW DJ!

I’m Lance, owner and exclusive DJ. I provide the soundtrack to your wedding day. With MY DFW DJ, your reception will be filled with energy and a “feel good” atmosphere. Enjoy dancing and quality time with your new spouse and guests. We’ll make sure your reception is filled with a fabulous party atmosphere, keeping the momentum going all night!

It will be an amazing finale to your day of love. With our outstanding service and commitment to quality, your reception will be a phenomenal event you and your guests will never forget! I look forward to creating with you soon! 

The music continues with the prelude to the festivities. Your guests will enjoy a perfect selection of tunes, as you and your wedding party take photos and prepare for your grand entrance!

This is where all the magic happens! From dazzling lights to song blending. Get ready for a night of dancing with an amazing celebration of love!


Cocktail Hours

Looking for the perfect songs to walk down the isle? We have it! With our discreet sound system and wireless microphone set up, your ceremony decor will remain as intimate and elegant as originally designed.